How to do more exam revision in less time?

Exams are looming. You’re running out of time and you’re getting stressed. You’re working as hard as you think you can but you’ve still got soooo much to revise.

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There’s just too much work and not enough time!

Many people in this situation think they need to simply work harder.

However, a much better strategy would be to work smarter.

I’m going to show you a simple technique that anyone can use to get through more work in less time. I’m going to give you back a bit of your sanity.

Try it for yourself: work smarter rather than harder…

Let’s imagine you have a whole topic of Biology still left to revise before the exam. By following the 7 step plan below you can easily reduce your workload:

  • Get together with 3 of your best friends, who you work well with and trust.
  • Divide up the topic you need to revise into 4 equal sections.
  • Give each member of your team a section to revise thoroughly.
  • Go away and each revise your bit alone.
  • Select a convenient time and place to all meet up.
  • Take it in turns to teach each other your section, making sure each member of the team understands all of the content.
  • Repeat the whole process with another topic (after a well earned treat, of course).


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You’re welcome.



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